Memorial Jewellery

My sincere condolences at this extremely difficult time. Loosing a loved one is one of the hardest times we have to go through in life. It is only natural to find comfort in having something of them kept close to you. Having a keepsake you can treasure and keep close can help ease the pain. Something which was unique to your loved one cast into a beautiful fine silver keepsake. This can be a fingerprint, handprint or footprint. Whether you have lost a grandparent or your beautiful baby I can handcraft a beautiful keepsake to remember them by.

There is no rush to choose your jewellery now, however time is of the essence to take prints. Please order print kits as soon as possible. Print kits are just £6 All kits come with full instruction and are very easy to use. The funeral director would normally be happy to take the prints for you. Once you have your prints there is of course to obligation to purchase any jewellery. You will at least have the prints should you wish to do so at a later date. You can choose from my fingerprint range or my hand/footprint range.

If you already have prints or have had prints taken in hospital, I can of course use these prints. Please do not send me the originals they are just to precious. Please email or send me a black and white copy. I can also work with a photograph which you can also email or post to me.

For adults and older children fingerprints or hand/footprints can be taken. However for younger babies I would recommend a handprint or footprint. Younger babies do not tend to have the definition in their fingerprint which an older child would have. Fingerprints taken from babies may not have the definition but it is still their unique little dimple, made by your precious baby.

If you have any questions at all please do email me at