About Us

Hi, my name is Amie. I have created Martha Moo & Harry Too to enable me to have the working life where I can be there for my two children when they need me, when they are ill or have a school event. I can be there to drop them off and pick them up!

I had been thinking about starting a business for a little while and what better business to start than doing something which I love doing, being creative! To be creating such beautiful precious keepsakes for others is such an added bonus!

Capturing Memories

I am always trying to find ways to capture and hold onto the memories of my babies as they grow and know how cherished the early days are. Not only the early days but every day with our loved ones, be that our children, or parents, grandparents or even our beloved pets! I can also create a fine silver keepsake as a loving memory of someone who has passed away. Please visit my memorial jewellery page. Having a keepsake we can keep close is such a special and cherished item!

My Passion

My first passion is creating hand crafted fine silver keepsakes. These range from finger print, handprint, footprint, paw print, nose print, a drawing or piece of writing. I carefully downsize the actual print (apart from the finger prints as these are actual size) to fit onto charms (for necklaces and bracelets), keyrings and cufflinks. These can be made in a variety of shapes. Hearts, circles and squares to name a few. I can also create bespoke shapes. If you have a hobby or you love birds for example send me a message and we can work together to create that extra special keepsake.
I take the upmost care and attention in creating beautiful keepsakes as I know how precious they are to every individual who purchase them. Creating such memories in fine silver for my customers is such a pleasure and honour.

Please visit my facebook page here.