Fingerprint Mould Kit


Fingerprint mould kits come with two pots of moulding putty. One blue and one white. Each kit comes with enough putty to take two prints. Simply take half of each colour mix together and take your loved ones print. Leave to go hard and return to me where the magic begins. The moulding putty captures the unique lines of your loved ones fingerprint.



Fingerprint mould kits come with two pots of moulding putty. Each kit contains enough moulding putty to take two adult fingerprints.
Simply take half of the blue moulding putty and half of the white moulding putty (they must be equal amount). Mix the two colours together so you get a consistent blue with no streaks. Roll into a ball, push finger into the putty and the unique fingerprint will now be within the moulding putty. What you see in the mould is what you will see on your fingerprint jewellery, should you decide to have a piece of jewellery made. The kits are the perfect way to capture the unique fingerprints of your loved ones.

The precious fingerprints you create can either be kept as a beautiful keepsake. Or you can use at a later date to have a fingerprint charm, cufflinks or keyring made.
All fingerprint products include a print kit free of charge. Therefore it is not necessary to order one of these kits if you are purchasing a fingerprint product. Unless you would of course like extra prints.
Please note this kit is not gift wrapped.

Once you have placed your order and payment has been made I will aim to post out your kit within 3-5 working days. Although it is usually sooner. standard delivery is included within the price.


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